The Béni Collection rugs are made of natural sheep wool, known for lasting long and being eco-friendly. The carpets in the Béni Collection need no introduction, the designs are part of Berber Tribes Rugs from the Béni Ourain region in the mountain chain of Atlas. The world was seduced long ago by these original designs, and they are well-known for experienced interior designers and design lovers.

These rugs are 100% recognizable. The designs are characterized by diamond shaped black or brown geometric figures on top of a creamy, ivory, or white background, and remain unchanged from their unique original design.

The figures drawn on the carpets are not random, they vary on a regular basis, and are full of meaningful signs. The Berber tribes inspired the new designs with symbols related to fertility, sex, and the animal world. Some of them are even reputed to protect people from evil, it is a language that charges the carpet with emotions and meaning.

Finally, the perfect complements are excellent manufacturing materials and a traditional manufacturing process. The result is a unique work of art.

Sizing chart
S Largest side less than 6'.6" (2m)
M Largest side between 6'6" (2m) and 8'2" (2.5m)
L Largest side between 8'2" (2.5m) and 9'8" (3m)
xL Largest side higher than 9'8" (3m)
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