What are the benefits of buying your Moroccan rugs at MoroccanRug.Shop?

Our products are unique and so are we.


By choosing MoroccanRug.Shop, you are not simply buying another rug, you will experience the guarantee of highest-quality standards. Located on the underside of all our rugs you will find a unique QR code. This is our seal of quality, working as a serial number to label each rug that we carefully select. 


If you scan the QR code, you will reach your rug’s profile. It is like a Birth Certificate, and you may add pictures, reviews, and share the profile with ease. Tell the story of how your rug took an important part in the creation of your interior aesthetic. 


The most amazing features of the QR code include traceability and transparency, thus maintaining the value of the product. Some even increase in value over time because they are unique works of art! The ability to track the life of your rug is helpful because we can keep an eye on how our mutual old friend is aging, and even make suggestions if you need help. But above all, we will obtain valuable information about your experience buying from us, and with your help, we will make improvements to increase your satisfaction. All these considerations make MoroccanRug.Shop the best brand of Moroccan tribal rugs worldwide.

Sizing chart
S Largest side less than 6'.6" (2m)
M Largest side between 6'6" (2m) and 8'2" (2.5m)
L Largest side between 8'2" (2.5m) and 9'8" (3m)
xL Largest side higher than 9'8" (3m)
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